With cutting-edge AI technology, including real-time object detection and facial recognition, you can transform your computer into a powerful security system. Secure your home or office with our video surveillance software and monitor them remotely with its secure streaming, protecting your loved ones and business assets

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Web Camera Pro is an advanced video surveillance recording application that features 24/7 video buffering technology. The app employs intelligent motion detection that activates only when necessary, using artificial intelligence to detect and recognize objects and people, including facial recognition. Additionally, the app's time-lapse mode offers efficient compression (h264), capturing one frame per second, which helps save storage space and equipment costs. With Web Camera Pro, you can enjoy highly sophisticated surveillance camera capabilities and efficient video recording that is both reliable and cost-effective.
Key Benefits

Web Camera Pro offers a range of impressive benefits to users. Its modern interface allows for multi-tiled drag and drop functionality, allowing you to move tiles between different monitors with ease. The software requires no complicated setup and features a simple, user-friendly interface with minimal options.

With time-lapse recording at one frame per second, Web Camera Pro offers an efficient compression method (h264), which helps to save on storage space and equipment costs. The surveillance camera software also features intelligent motion detection technology, real-time object detection through the use of artificial intelligence, and the ability to recognize license plates and detect faces.

Web Camera Pro allows you to send videos to Telegram Messenger and save the video archive to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services. You can even broadcast your recordings to social networks via RTMP. The software also offers the option to use your mobile phone as an IP camera.

Web Camera Pro enables automatic searching and connection to ONVIF cameras using the list of set passwords. You can connect any USB or IP cameras and easily view the video archive with good compression in H264 format. All clips and time lapses are recorded in the selected folder in mp4 / flv format, sorted by recording date, and can be easily copied to another computer or media.

Web Camera Pro also allows you to connect new detectors as plugins, and features a client-multi-server architecture. All of these benefits make Web Camera Pro a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and feature-packed video surveillance software
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