Video Monitoring Software

Web Camera Pro is a powerful Webcam Monitoring Software that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide advanced security surveillance for homes and businesses. With its AI-based motion detection technology, the webcam software can detect and analyze movements in real-time, alerting users if something suspicious is happening. This technology has revolutionized the way we approach security, making it more efficient, effective, and reliable.
Gone are the days of relying on traditional security cameras that can only capture basic footage. With Web Camera Pro, users can have access to a more advanced system that can differentiate between a thief and a pet, ensuring that false alarms are kept to a minimum. The software is also designed to provide users with remote access to the footage from anywhere, at any time, through their smartphones, making it easy to monitor their homes or businesses even when they are away.

The software has been designed with ease of use in mind, making it accessible to both homeowners and small business owners. Homeowners like Julia can now relax knowing that their homes are protected, while business owners like Tom can now monitor their businesses efficiently, improving their operations, and making better decisions.

One of the most significant benefits of using Web Camera Pro is the ability to respond to incidents quickly and effectively. With its AI-based motion detection technology, users can quickly detect any suspicious activity and take appropriate action. Whether it is a potential break-in or an employee not doing their job correctly, users can quickly address any issue that arises.

Another benefit of using Web Camera Pro is the ability to analyze data to improve operations. Business owners like Tom can use the data collected by the software to understand how customers interact with their stores, improve their product offerings, and enhance their marketing strategies.

The use of AI-based motion detection software in webcam monitoring software is a game-changer for the security industry. It offers a level of protection that traditional security cameras simply cannot match. With Web Camera Pro, users can experience the benefits of advanced technology, giving them peace of mind, knowing that their homes or businesses are protected around the clock.
Examples of using the Web Camera Pro for video surveillance
Your yard
A computer with artificial intelligence looks after what happens in your yard or at home. All the events you see on your mobile phone
Elevator hall
From the elevator hall, then you will receive videos on your mobile phone only at the time when there was a certain event. The system does not depend on the orientation of the camera, distinguishes people, animals, cars and other objects.
Parking space
ANPR - Automatic number-plate recognition
In the parking system, the system will automatically recognize the entry or exit of the car, as well as determine its number

Watching pets at home. The program distinguishes pets from humans.
Protection of objects
Our program helps the operator to identify and display only the necessary events from the video stream. Do not look at hundreds of small pictures on the monitor.
Supervision of babysitting. Monitoring the cleaning based on human detection.

Use your mobile phones for video surveillance

Mobile app
IP Camera or Smartphone
Use smartphone as an IP Camera.
Desktop Software
Web Camera Pro
Video Surveillance Software for PC
Real-time object detection
VSaS Service
Video Surveillance Cloud
Remote video monitoring
Camera Motion Detector
Use your phone as a smart camera for object detection and smart video surveillance.
The application automatically saves video to your phone or the Video Surveillance Cloud server, and only starts recording when it detects motion, making your life easier and safer.
Video monitoring software for Windows
Video Surveillance Software
CCTV Software
Web Camera Pro Spotlight