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Web Camera Pro is a sophisticated and powerful IP camera software that has revolutionized the world of video surveillance. Unlike most existing video surveillance systems that are only able to record video in the archive, Web Camera Pro uses modern technologies based on neural networks that have been trained on large data sets. This allows for real-time object detection, face recognition, license plate detection, and more, making it an effective tool for security monitoring, live streaming, and video recording.
One of the standout features of Web Camera Pro is its modern multi-tiled drag and drop interface. This makes it easy to customize the layout of the interface to suit your needs, giving you the flexibility to view multiple camera feeds simultaneously. Additionally, the simple interface with minimal options makes it easy for users to navigate and use the software without any prior technical expertise.

Another notable feature of Web Camera Pro is its ability to record desktop computers in the background, allowing users to capture video footage of their computer activity. This can be particularly useful for monitoring employee productivity or for keeping an eye on your personal computer when you're away from home.

Web Camera Pro also offers 24/7 time-lapse recording at a rate of 1 frame per second, making it easy to monitor events that occur over an extended period. The software also includes an AI motion detector that can alert users to any movement in the monitored area, while the real-time object detection feature allows for the immediate identification of people, objects, and vehicles.

In addition to these features, Web Camera Pro can also detect and recognize license plates, making it an ideal tool for parking lot and traffic monitoring. The face detection and recognition feature also allows for the identification of specific individuals, making it an effective tool for security monitoring.

One of the most convenient features of Web Camera Pro is its ability to send videos to Telegram messenger, as well as saving video archives to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage services. The software also supports online broadcasting to social networks via RTMP, allowing users to share live footage with their followers.

Web Camera Pro is compatible with both USB and IP cameras, and it can automatically search for and connect to IP cameras using ONVIF. This makes it easy to integrate the software into an existing security system, or to add new cameras as needed.

Finally, Web Camera Pro provides convenient viewing of the video archive, with good compression (h264) that ensures high-quality video while minimizing file size. All clips and time-lapses are recorded in the selected folder in FLV format, sorted by recording date, and can be easily copied to another computer or media.
Motion Detection
Use your phone as a smart camera for object detection and smart video surveillance.
The application automatically saves video to your phone or the VideoSurveillance.Cloud server, and only starts recording when it detects motion, making your life easier and safer.
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IP Camera Software
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