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Protect what matters most with Cloud Video Surveillance
In today's fast-paced world, security has become a paramount concern for homes, offices, and public places. The need for a reliable and efficient video surveillance solution has never been greater. That's where VideoSurveillance.Cloud steps in, revolutionizing the way we approach security with its hybrid cloud solution.
Traditional Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solutions offer connectivity convenience, but they often come at a steep price. Monthly payments for each IP camera can quickly accumulate, especially when long-term storage of video recordings is required. However, VideoSurveillance.Cloud offers an affordable alternative without compromising on quality.

What sets VideoSurveillance.Cloud apart is its utilization of cutting-edge AI video analytics technology at the stream source side. By employing AI technology for object detection, people detection, facial recognition, and license plate identification, it significantly reduces the load on communication channels and cloud storage. This results in substantial monthly expense reduction while still reaping the full benefits of a cloud-based video surveillance solution.

Scalability is another hallmark of Video Surveillance Cloud. Whether you're a business or an individual, expanding your surveillance capabilities is a breeze. Store video data, connect new surveillance objects, and serve a large number of users effortlessly. VideoSurveillance.Cloud empowers you to adapt to your evolving security needs seamlessly.

The fusion of Web Camera Pro software with VideoSurveillance.Cloud takes reliability and fault tolerance to new heights. With intelligent video buffering, your video surveillance system continues to operate flawlessly even without an internet connection. Moreover, the peer-to-peer streaming capability of Web Camera Pro alleviates the load on the video cloud server, ensuring a smoother experience for users.
Due to high demand, the number of invitations for connecting Web Camera Pro to the cloud service is limited. To be included in the waiting list, please contact us
Use your mobile phones for video surveillance
Mobile app
IP Camera or Smartphone
Use smartphone as an IP Camera.
Desktop Software
Web Camera Pro
CCTV Surveillance Software for PC
Real-time object detection
VSaaS Service
Video Surveillance Cloud
Remote video monitoring
Motion Detection
Utilize the power of AI-driven detection to capture every movement, and have your videos automatically saved to your phone or the VideoSurveillance.Cloud server. Our intelligent detector only activates when motion is detected, optimizing both efficiency and convenience. Don't miss this opportunity - download now and experience the convenience of having a smart camera at your fingertips.
CCTV Cloud
The mobile app for VideoSurveillance.Cloud, enabling you to manage your IP camera devices and receive alerts directly on your phone. You can use CCTV Cloud to check on your home while you're on vacation, keep an eye on your office during off-hours, or even monitor your pets or elderly loved ones who need assistance. It's a hassle-free way to stay connected with your property and loved ones.
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