Safety is not a luxury,
it's Web Camera Pro

Connect any USB and IP cameras with remote video surveillance based on peer-to-peer technologies without dedicated IP address.
Automatic object detection and face recognition.
All videos and timelapses are recorded in the selected folder, sorted by recording date and can be easily synchronized with cloud storages.

Version 6.95 Freeware
Released: December 3,.2021
Innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
New deep learning algorithms are used to implement motion detection. The system can detect objects, recognize faces and car license plates.
Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
The video stream is transmitted directly from one computer to the remote side using Peer-To-Peer technology. Video streams from your cameras are not transmitted to third party cloud servers. No dedicated ip address required or router setting
Setup motion detector and event-triggered recording. Send video to Telegram or save on Remote servers (Dropbox, G-drive, iCloud, etc..)

Automatic detection

The system can detect objects, recognize faces and car license plates. The video is transmitted directly from one PC to the remote computer using P2P technology. This is a fundamental difference from competing solutions, that require the lease of an expensive dedicated IP address or send a video stream to their cloud server. There the stream is converted, decoded and relayed to the application. Due to the need to rent servers, such solutions are quite expensive, not secure and require a monthly payments.

Web Camera Pro is a breakthrough solution since it does not require a cloud server. The program uses only signal servers to connect computers via Peer-to-Peer.
The combination of artificial intelligence and P2P technology solves the problem of quickly building an effective video surveillance system without the involvement of expensive specialists.
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Key Benefits:

  • Remote video surveillance using P2P technologies
  • Modern multi-tiled drag and drop interface.
  • You can move tiles for viewing to differents monitors
  • No complicated setup required.
  • Simple interface with minimal options.
  • Recording a desktop computer in the background
  • 24 * 7 time lapse recording (1 fps)
  • Recording time-lapses of desktops in the background
  • Intelligent motion detector
  • Real-time object detection using artificial intelligence
  • Detection and recognition of license plates
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Sending videos to telegram messenger
  • Saving the video archive to a dropbox, google drive and other services.
  • Online broadcasting to YouTube and social networks via rtmp
  • Integration with youtube. Using YouTube to store videos
  • Using a mobile phone as an IP camera
  • Automatic searching and connecting ONVIF cameras according to the list of set passwords.
  • Connection of any USB and IP cameras
  • Convenient viewing of the video archive
  • Video archive recording with good compression (h264)
  • All clips and time lapses are recorded in the selected folder in flv format, sorted by recording date and can be easily copied to another computer or media
  • Connecting new detectors as plugins
  • Client-multi-server architecture
  • Multi-platform solution (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux)
Web Camera Pro
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