Web Camera Pro

Video surveillance software based on artificial intelligence

Automatic object detection and face recognition.
Automatic license plate recognition

Version 5.5 Freeware
Released: 06.08.2020
What is Web Camera Pro for?
Change the concept from simple video capture to smart video surveillance using artificial intelligence
Security and Safety
Safety of your property. Security and video monitoring without extra costs. You can easily install the camera yourself - no need to read long instructions and call specialists. Record burglaries or any incidents. Setup camera recording and streaming with new cameras as they're added to a network. Allow access to recording and live feeds for viewing. Audio support for devices that can obtain audio data.
Video Surveillance for your Home and Office
Video surveillance of the property, office, nanny. Simultaneously manage recording from multiple camera devices. High-resolution stream and video playback. Enjoy your vacation - now you can quickly see your apartment remotely via the Internet. Video surveillance of animals. Save video footage to backup solution.Search recordings by date, time, etc.
Computer Vision
Intelligent Motion Detection. Real-time object detection using artificial intelligence. Car number detection and recognition. Face recognition using computer vision technology.
Record PC desktops
Record videos from computer desktop in the background.
Effective H264 Compression for High Quality Video.
Record time lapses from any IP Cameras, webcams and computer desktops in the background.
Remote offices
Monitoring remote offices and employees.
Increase employee sefety and productivity
Web Camera Pro is video surveillance software
Video Tutorial:
1) How to use video surveillance software?
2) How to add new video surveillance devices?
3) How to view video surveillance archive?
4) How to send events to Telegram?
5) How to stream IP Camera to YouTube?
Video Surveillance Software
Video tutorial
Innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence
Our mission is to make video surveillance with artificial intelligence accessible to all!
Artificial Intelligence
Turns ordinary cameras into smart security devices that "understand" what's happening on the video. Detection of objects using computer vision technology.
Object detections, face and car plate recognitions
Web Camera Pro can manage data streamed from security cameras, as well as manage the devices. Very simple connection of any video cameras and remote online video surveillance via the Internet. The intelligent subsystem itself finds network webcams and connects them to the program.
Setup motion detector and event-triggered recording. Automatic recognition of events and sending to cloud server or in the telegram messenger. Ability to think by events for recognition of objects in real time.
Key benefits

Most existing video surveillance systems are ineffective, because they are only able to record video in the archive. Our program using modern technologies based on neural networks, trained on large data sets. Webcam Pro turns ordinary cameras into smart security devices that "understand" what's happening on the video.
How it works?
The guard, as a rule, sits in front of the monitor with a lot of small images and tries to observe what is happening. Our program helps the operator to identify and display only the necessary events from the video stream. Also, the program saves disk space and hardware costs through intelligent processing. On the mobile phone guard will arrive videos at the onset of certain events and you can on-line to see on which floor is now an attacker.
How to start?
Examples of using the Webcam Pro for video surveillance
Your yard
A computer with artificial intelligence looks after what happens in your yard or at home. All the events you see on your mobile phone
Elevator hall
From the elevator hall, then you will receive videos on your mobile phone only at the time when there was a certain event. The system does not depend on the orientation of the camera, distinguishes people, animals, cars and other objects.
Parking space
ANPR - Automatic number-plate recognition
In the parking system, the system will automatically recognize the entry or exit of the car, as well as determine its number

Watching pets at home. The program distinguishes pets from humans.
Protection of objects
Our program helps the operator to identify and display only the necessary events from the video stream. Do not look at hundreds of small pictures on the monitor.
Supervision of babysitting. Monitoring the cleaning based on human detection.